Time Capsule (Best Of) LP (2017)

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Time Capsule is the first career spanning singles compilation from The Trews featuring three new tracks: Time Capsule/Lotta Work/Little Love, Beautiful & Tragic, and Chinese Kites. Plus the studio version of Sing Your Heart Out which appeared previously in live form on the Friends & Total Strangers Acoustic Live release.


Time Capsule-Lotta Work-Little Love / Not Ready to Go / Tired of Waiting / So She’s Leaving / Yearning / Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me / Ishmael & Maggie / Hold Me in Your Arms / Paranoid Freak / Man of Two Minds / I Can’t Stop Laughing / Sing Your Heart Out / Beautiful and Tragic / Highway of Heroes / Hope & Ruin / The Power of Positive Drinking / In the Morning / What’s Fair is Fair / Rise in the Wake / Chinese Kites

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